10 Best Electric Scooters that goes 30 mph (Based on Real Data)

I am sure that you are looking for the best electric scooters that goes 30 mph, Speed is one of the most crucial factors when purchasing an electric scooter. Whether you are looking for a fast and furious way to commute to work or just want to zip around your neighborhood, the speed of an electric scooter is an essential factor. In recent years, electric scooters have become increasingly popular as a means of transportation. They are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and allow people to get around without having a driver. 

However, not all electric scooters are created equal. Some models are much faster than others, which can be important when choosing the right scooter for your needs. If you’re looking for an electric scooter that can go up to 30 mph, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll share 10 of the best electric scooters that go 30 mph in this article. I’ll also provide a brief overview of each scooter to decide which one is right for you.


‎Arwibon Q30

Motor 2500W Motor
Top Speed 30MPH
Range 20-30 Miles
Weight 550 lbs‎‎
Load 440 lbs
Braking Hydraulic brake system
Warranty 1-year Limited Warranty on e-scooter and 180 days on different parts
  • Easy to put together
  • Heavy duty usage
  • Batteries with large capacities
  • Hydraulic shock absorption
  • The seat is not available

Are you looking for an electric scooter that can take your riding to the next level? If so, look no further than the Electric Kick Scooter for Adults. With a 20-30 mile range, you’ll be able to go farther than ever without worrying about running out of juice. And thanks to the 11” heavy-duty vacuum off-road tires, you’ll be able to tackle any terrain with ease.

The hydraulic disc braking system ensures that you can stop on a dime when necessary. So whether you’re looking for an electric scooter for commuting or recreation, this Electric Kick Scooter for Adults is the perfect option. I would highly recommend you to read our blog post to know about the Best Electric Scooter for Adults.

Why We Recommend

‎Arwibon Q30 is a great transportation solution for commuting and recreation for adults. It will get you to your destinations faster than the bus or subway, and it’s more cost-effective than owning a car. You can use this Electric Kick Scooter for Adults anywhere with ease on grass, dirt, or pavement.  


JOYOR Y7-S Black

Motor 500W Motor
Top Speed 31 MPH
Range 43.5-56 Miles
Weight 62.3 lbs‎
Load 265 lbs
Braking Front lever and rear foot brakes
Warranty 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomic grip type
  • One-step fold
  • Updated with the new version of the brushless motor
  • Specifically made for those who commute to the city for work
  • The Head can fold up if the lock is not in the position

The Y7-S electric scooter for adults is the perfect way to travel or commute. With a wide foot pedal for added support and a clear LED display, this scooter is both comfortable and easy to use.

The Y7-S also features an ultra-bright 1.1W headlight that illuminates the way ahead, making it safe to ride at night. 10-inch off-road tires provide stability and comfort, while double front and rear shock absorbers absorb bumps in the road for a smooth ride. Whether you’re running errands or commuting to work, the Y7-S electric scooter is the perfect way to get around town.

Why We Recommend

The JOYOR Y7-S Electric Scooter is versatile as well as practical. It has an intuitive folding system that allows for easy storage when you’re not using the scooter, making it ideal for people who live in small spaces or who want to travel frequently with their scooters. 



Image: Fluid Edition
Motor 2x 1000W Motor
Top Speed 40 MPH
Range 33 Miles
Weight 65 lbs‎
Load 265 lbs
Braking Hydraulic brake system
Warranty 1-year warranty
  • Additionally, it has a headlight
  • IP55 water resistant rating
  • Wide tires for better grip and shock absorption
  • Smothe and comfortable ride
  • Two motors, so the battery drains faster

The MANTIS V2 electric scooter is the perfect choice for big guys who want a reliable, long-range ride.  The front and rear wheel suspensions and 10″ pneumatic tires make for a smooth, comfortable ride, while the long deck gives you plenty of room to stand.

The MANTIS V2 also features a folding design for easy storage and transport. If you want to get around town in an eco-friendly way or just want to be able to ride your own scooter, the Mantis V2 fluid edition is for you.

Why We Recommend

The MANTIS V2 is designed with a low center of gravity and dual-suspension frame that allows the rider to lean into corners with ease and feel in complete control at all times. It also comes standard with everything you’d expect from an adult electric scooter big motors, lightweight, easy to carry, and High acceleration power.


Hiboy Titan PRO

Motor 2400W Motor
Top Speed 32 MPH
Range 40 Miles
Weight 61.7 lbs‎
Load 286 lbs
Braking Dual brake system
Warranty 1-year on scooter & 6 months on scooter warranty on different parts
  • High-quality off-roading tires
  • Excellent climbing ability due to high ground clearance
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Battery life was sufficient for the 9-12 mile commute each day
  •  Did well off-road during a camping trip
  • Tires/Inner tubes aren’t very durable

The Hiboy Titan PRO Electric Scooter is a high-performance, folding scooter that’s perfect for adults. With dual disc brakes and shock absorption, it’s more comfortable and safe to ride than ever before. And the wider deck provides a stable platform for riders of all sizes.

10 Best Electric Scooters that goes 30 mph
Image: Electric Vehicles Space

The clear LED display shows the mode, speed, battery level, and distance traveled, while the built-in headlight ensures you’re always visible on the road. Whether you’re commuting to work or riding for leisure, the Hiboy Titan PRO Electric Scooter is your perfect partner. We also recommend you to know about the Best Cheap Electric Scooters for Adults.

Why We Recommend

The Titan Pro folds up for convenient storage and is fairly lightweight, so carrying it down the stairs or loading it in the car isn’t too difficult for most people. The Bluetooth connectivity adds some more value to it. Moreover, if you are planning on riding this regularly (especially with passengers), you must want to consider it.


Joyor S5

Motor 800W Motor
Top Speed 31 MPH
Range 34 Miles
Weight 59.5 lbs‎
Load 265 lbs
Braking Dual hydraulic brake system
Warranty ‎1-year warranty with 6 months on battery
  • Water resistant to IPX4
  • High-quality LCD Meter
  • Adjustable height handlebars
  • Cruise control available
  • Head and Tail lights
  • It is well-built and is good for its price
  • Gear can only be shifted in sequence, not up and down

The electric scooter is equipped with wider 10-in pneumatic off-road tires, and deeper lines provide perfect anti-seismic and anti-slip performance; it can maintain a good riding experience in uneven road conditions.

It features an automatic front lights system and shows you the battery life, speed mode, and speed in numerical details via the LCD screen. Several lights are installed on the bike’s front and rear for night-riding security.

Why We Recommend

This is a small, simple machine that’s going to make getting around a much more enjoyable experience. It’s not only going to be fun to ride, but it’s also very affordable. You might be interested in this model from JOYOR if you’ve been considering getting an electric scooter with an LCD display and high acceleration power.



Motor 6000W Motor
Top Speed 60 MPH
Range 40-45 Miles
Weight 112 lbs‎
Load 880 lbs
Braking Front and rear hydraulic brake system
Warranty 190 days on scooter warranty on different parts
  • Comes with an adjustable seat
  • Improve the storage space of your car
  • Smooth ride, quiet, and easy to use with the twist accelerator
  • With a solid build, you won’t have to worry about this folding hoverboard running over any bumps or cracks
  • Batteries take forever to charge, but it lasts a long time

The REDDYDY electric scooter is IPX-5 waterproof, so you can ride it in the rain. Customers will love the features of ultra-wide off-road tires and a key to lock your battery. The voltage key lock at the bottom can start your ride and display the battery voltage in real time.

In addition, it has 11-inch off-road vacuum tires that run on dirt roads with high grip to cope with any terrain and climb any slope you may encounter.

Why We Recommend

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty, compact, and versatile electric scooter, consider the REDDYDY Electric Scooter. It is an e-scooter that is great for zipping around town, and it can handle rougher terrain without losing its appeal. The REDDYDY’s unique frame design and heavy-duty tires allow it to roll over dirt trails and uneven pavement with ease and smoothly. do you know about the Fastest electric scooter in the world?



Motor 1200W Motor
Top Speed 31 MPH
Range 40 Miles
Weight 55 lbs‎‎
Load 220 lbs
Braking Dual disc brake system
Warranty N/A
  • Comes with a 90-day refund policy
  • Beautiful design and aesthetics
  • Handle grips are so soft
  • Three driving modes for your choice
  •  Maximum cruising range of 36 miles in 8~9 hours on a single charge
  • Battery drains faster at higher speeds

KUGOKIRIN G3 electric scooter is designed for individuals aged 12 to 25. This scooter can be folded and can be used as a carry-on bag that you can put in your backpack; it is good for traveling or commuting.

The whole vehicle has no welds; the whole vehicle frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, integrated die-casting front axle, and high-strength forging folding parts in order to let you rest assured.

Why We Recommend

Traditional electric scooters have a lot of shortcomings: they’re dangerous, bulky, slow, and not as easy to use as they could be. Kugookirin has changed all that with its G3 model. It’s lightweight and safe, and it has an advanced smart touch screen interface that makes it a breeze to control.


DailySports X1

Motor 1000W Motor
Top Speed 30 MPH
Range 28 Miles
Weight 60 lbs‎‎
Load 350 lbs
Braking Dual disc brake system
Warranty 1-year or 180 days on scooter  warranty on different parts
  • Solid, sturdy, and ultimately safe design
  • Load capacity is impressive
  • Not that expensive
  • The fact that there are three gears gives you more control
  • Sound quality could be improved

The adult electric scooter, a daily sports electric folding scooter, is a new invention of personal transport equipment. Its simple and elegant design makes it the best choice for transport. In addition, DailySports foldable electric scooter has a scientific and practical lighting system that supplies bright light to the whole person and surroundings during riding at night or in a dark environment. With one key operation, the rider can quickly fold it up and put it into the trunk of the car or bus easily.

Why We Recommend

As an electric scooter for adults, this model has the power you need to make it up any hill you might come across, and the suspension system will protect you from most bumps and bruises. It’s a great city vehicle, perfect for commuting from one end of town to the other.



Motor 500W Motor
Top Speed 32 MPH
Range 38 Miles
Weight 65 lbs ‎
Load 220 lbs
Braking Dual drum and Regenerative brake system
Warranty 1-year on scooter  warranty on different parts
  • Very good quality for the money
  • Fast charging, I mean very fast
  • Smooth ride solid feel great combo
  • suspension and build quality are impressive
  • IP56 water resistance
  • Handlebars are a bit loose

The Apollo 2022 E-Bike features a futuristic design, strong frame, and high-end components. The APOLLO CITY 2022 is a high-performance electric mountain bike featuring a dual drum, regenerative disc brake system, and triple spring suspension.

The ergonomic thumb throttle and an easy-to-read display make riding this beast a breeze.  As an indication that you’re looking at something special, the front forks are adorned with a futuristic set of LEDs.

Why We Recommend

APOLLO makes products that are easy and convenient to use, but we also want to ensure that when you encounter problems, we can help resolve them quickly. With partner repair centers in NYC and LA and our own facilities in New Jersey and California, plus a network of certified technicians on hand for support around the clock, you should feel comfortable knowing that you’re in good hands if you ever need post-purchase support. Also Recommend Are Electric Scooter Legal in NYC 


EMOVE Cruiser

Image: voromotors
Motor 1600W Motor
Top Speed 33 MPH
Range 60 Miles
Weight 52 lbs‎
Load 352 lbs
Braking XTEC hybrid hydraulic brake system
Warranty 1-year warranty
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • The LCD display is waterproof
  • Anti-theft Locking Key
  • The wheels are big and perfect for all kinds of terrains
  • It’s heavy to carry around or carry upstairs

EMOVE Cruiser e-scooter features balanced performance, portability, and style. A sleek design with modern lines, it is available in black, white, orange, purple, and red. The IPX6 water resistance rating ensures the high-performance motor works well even in wet conditions. Tubeless tires provide increased traction with lower slips for a smoother ride.

Why We Recommend 

The EMOVE Cruiser is a folding electric scooter that’s easy to use for every commuting purpose. The performance-level scooter has a hybrid hydraulic braking system, allowing for a smooth and controlled ride. It has a unique ergonomic design with a comfortable seat, offering an enjoyable experience on the road.

It is extremely portable with foldable handlebars, making it easy to store away in small spaces or carry with you while commuting to work or school.


How much does an electric scooter cost?

A scooter can be purchased for as low as $300, and it can go up to $2,000 depending on the features. The most popular model is priced at around $800 and has a top speed of 30 MPH and a range of 25 miles.

Can I use an e- scooter on the street?

A: In order to use your e- scooter on the street, you will need to check with your local municipality as each area has different regulations.

Why people need the best electric scooter that goes 30 mph:

A: There are many reasons why people need the best electric scooter that goes 30 mph. Some of them are:
It is a great mode of transport to use, whether short or long distance travel. 
They can be used by children, teenagers, and adults.
It can help in traffic jams. 
Can be used as an alternative to cars and other modes of transport.


Electric scooters are pretty cool. These contraptions are really popular with kids at the moment, but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these things! They’re great for short distances, and they can even be used to commute to work. If you’re looking for an electric scooter, then you should definitely consider one of the models on this list.

If you have already selected a model, then congratulations! You’re on your way to hours of fun and enjoyment. Remember to always wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter! Stay safe out there!

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